Donington trackdays with the Capri.

Donington trackdays on 1st April 2006 with the company track Capri. Chasing down a Porsche Open Championship 944 2.5 with Michelin Pilot Sport cups.
You can see that the cars were very evenly matched apart from the Capri had about 40% better braking, and the Capri was on slicks so the cornering was better so I was on his tail all the way through corners but down the straights we were absolutely neck and neck if I had a passenger(my brother taking pictures).
This led to some very hairy moments at The Old Hairpin, Goddards and Redgate, all are very hard braking points, the chap I think was practicing racing and would not let me through before a corner even though I was braking about 40% later than he was so some times I would end up on his right hand side so that I didn't run into the back of him as he would cover the racing line on the left and not let me through.
I'd then have to let him go through on the left, right at the right hand corner.
When I was on my own I managed to overtake him coming out of Goddards. Once I was in front he had no chance of catching me due to my braking and cornering advantages.

I was very surprised that he didn't get blue flagged as this was going on for about 10 laps at a time.

Found out my car is 1075 kgs.
Lap time got down to 1:32

Chasing and catching a Porsche 944 2.5 which is a 'Porsche Open' race car.
Catching up down the straight at Dunlop bridge.
Due to my braking distance being about 40% less than his I was able to catch up on braking and get right on his tail through Goddards.
Coming out of Goddards.
Coming out of Redgate.
Coming out of McCleans and up Coppice. McCleans was another corner were I had the superior brakes and tyres.
Here are some other pictures.
Chasing down an Elise coming out of Hollywood and down into Craner.
Caught and took this Ferrari 308 through Goddards and on the Pit Straight you'll notice the cars behind that were very high performance but with the slicks I was able to keep them at bay through the tight bends, I would go as far as to say that throughout the day the Capri was giving a lot of people a bit of a surprise on these Donington trackdays and it did attract a lot of attention.
Again this GT3 was far more powerful and should have also been able to really pull away even through the corners, either the driver wasn't very good or his tyres weren't very good through the tight ones, although here he is just turning into Starkeys Bridge which is more open and he fired off into the distance, simply awesome cars.

Donington trackdays are always a big attraction for sports car enthusiasts due to the smoothness of the track and the sweeping bends.

Also at the track were a 2 door Sierra Cosworth who was only happy when drifting it round Redgate and an XR4i with a 2.9i Granada Cosworth engine. I was able to pass the XR4i relatively easy due to the slicks, but the Cosworth was storming out of the corners and and was able to pull away from me in the straights with ease.